How did we begin and why

RED HQ was originally formed because of the necessity for Real Estate Agencies to efficiently manage their day to day tasks.

Created in mid 2018, RED HQ is a young, vibrant and innovative software development organisation which implements solutions to solve every day problems and inefficiencies for their clients.

Although initially developed for the Real Estate Industry, RED HQ has recently identified the benefit of its solution for other franchises and industries including print.

The great thing about being such an innovative organisation ourselves.... we're only limited by the ideas!

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For Real Estate Groups

We provide a single platform so that agencies do not need to use 3 or more different software packages to create artwork for their vendors.

For example, an agency is selling a property and they need to create a board, brochure, letter box drop while also placing the advertising onto and domain among others.

Traditionally, the coordinator would need to log into at least 3 different programs or websites in order to complete this task. With HQ, they simply log into our platform, create artwork for the brochure, board, letterbox drops, and push it to the internet.

For other franchise types

We also provide a single platform for our franchise clients so that they can create consistent artwork and manage their client database.

Reporting and statistics in real time provides business insights.

Our vast range of products including EDM management and social media helps our franchises to penetrate their marketplace, and keep their clients informed of their product range.